A proud heritage across two continents


Acquisitions in Canada took shape for the Jesta Group in the mid-1990s, securing property in the eastern half of the country and establishing itself as a player. From the outset, the approach has been diversification across various sectors of real estate.

The Jesta Group initially stockpiled assets in residential, office, and industrial categories. In time, they began to seize on compelling projects in other verticals, such as hospitality and commercial spaces. Over the last few years alone they have tripled their hospitality holdings, with venues in Ontario and Quebec. Moreover, in 2012, the Jesta Group closed on a landmark acquisition of the storied Place Viger, what was once a grand hotel and railway station in Montreal, constructed in 1898, with plans to convert the one-of-a-kind edifice into a premium residential and office space.

With millions of sq. ft. of property in Canada, the Jesta Group’s tenants include the Royal Bank of Canada, the administrative offices of the Montreal Convention Centre, and several government departments.