Digital business solutions for manufacturers, distributors and retailers

Jesta IS

In 2001 Jesta Group further diversified its investment portfolio with the acquisition of Jesta I.S. inc., a leading global supplier of enterprise business solutions for retailers, manufacturers and distributors specializing in the fashion, apparel, accessories and specialty goods industries.

Through the implementation of Vision Suite web-based applications, Jesta I.S. inc. can integrate, automate, and link fashion retailers, distributors, suppliers and manufacturers to make business processes more efficient, increase productivity, lower costs, and improve workflow.

Jesta I.S. also offers integrated enterprise business software, with the added benefit of maintaining the required hardware and I.T. infrastructure. This allows clients to benefit from increased efficiency and cost reductions inherent in streamlined business processes without bearing the financial and business risks of implementing and maintaining the software themselves.

Jesta I.S. inc. has collaborated and implemented business solutions, software and ERP systems for some of the world’s largest organizations in the soft goods and specialty industries, from retailers who source their own goods, to manufacturers who are selling direct to the consumer.

The acquisition of Jesta I.S. inc. represents an important investment for Jesta Group, expanding its investment portfolio into new industries and positioning our company to benefit from exposure to promising and emerging technologies.

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