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A true global powerhouse with a diversified international real estate portfolio and a preponderant presence in corporate technology.



Jesta Group builds financial opportunities for the future of real estate.

As an international family office, we leverage our real estate portfolio and privileged connections to design bold and profitable investment strategies, which we deploy in the most sought-after locations on the planet. We implement our expertise to target investment opportunities and provide outstanding returns for our family of partners.

Powerful partnerships fueled by ambition, expertise, and empathy.


Our conglomerate is a collection of leading companies, each excelling in their respective sector and contributing to the overall success and growth of the group.

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Integrity at the heart of our decisions.

As a multigenerational family office, we are committed to ensuring the pride of our future leaders by preserving our heritage. We measure our success not only through financial results, but also by the quality of our reputation, the strength of our partnerships, and our moral commitment to the management of our investments.

Risk Management

Risk Management

A global reputation in risk management

As a private investment group, we seek out high-risk investments. We have developed internal processes to leverage our knowledge and expertise of both bull and bear markets, allowing us to pursue bold investment strategies.

Desciplined execution

Desciplined execution

A family of leaders in our companies.

At Jesta Group, actions speak louder than words. Our leadership team consists of men and women of action, driven by excellence, possessing strategic vision, and capable of achieving results through disciplined execution.